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The Legacy of Abenaki Acres

Our farm is named in tribute to part of our family history that traces back to the Abenaki Indians of North America. The word “Abenaki” translates to easterners or people of the dawn. The Abenaki Indians were located mostly in what is now Southeastern Canada, Maine, New Hampshire and the Lake Champlain areas of the Northeastern United States.

You may have noticed that some of our animals have unfamiliar sounding names. We have decided that all alpacas born to Abenaki Acres will posses names pulled from the traditional language of the Abenaki people. For example, Sokoki (so ko KEE) means “one who is apart” in Abenaki. We chose this as the name for our first cria who was born in 2004 at another farm where he and his Dam were boarding at the time. Alnanbal (al nah BAHL) means “man” and is the name given to our second cria born.

Updated January 24, 2014