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and our Alpaca Herd!

Abenaki Acres Farm, is centrally located in New Jersey between New York City and Philadelphia. Not only do we enjoy country living in Delaware Township, but our New Jersey, Hunterdon County alpaca farm is enhanced by easy access to two of the most exciting cities in the USA. We are surrounded by farms and it has been a joy to add our alpacas to the farming community. Also, our alpacas are grateful that we have multiple experienced New Jersey camelid and alpaca veterinarians within 15 minutes of our alpaca farm as well as other alpaca breeders.

Please browse though our alpaca site and enjoy the pictures, our alpaca herd and other information that will make you excited about Abenaki Acres Farm - Alpacas in New Jersey. Click on the Events page to see where Abenaki Acres Farm and our Alpacas will appear - farmer's markets, schools, bookstores, and art museums!

Alpacas - as you can see from the pictures on our site, come in multiple colors and combinations of those colors. 16 colors are recognized by the alpaca industry, ranging from white fleece though all shades of beige, brown, rose grey, grey, and black. Our alpacas get shorn once a year and we sell the fleece at fairs and have it processed for yarn and other end products.


97 Yard Road

Abenaki Acres Farm


Abenaki Acres Farm - south pastures and hay field

MLS ID: 3121753_NJY

Donna Schall  

(908) 534-5900 x309


(908) 534-5900 x309


Abenaki Acres Farm lectures in the tri-state area, if you are interested in finding out more about Alpacas, and raising them, contact us today.


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